Metal Deck Products from Cordeck

Cordeck manufactures and delivers the widest range of quality corrugated steel deck products and accessories for virtually any building application or requirement. Deck products include: Roof Deck, Floor Deck, Composite Deck, Form Deck, Cellular Deck, and Acoustical Deck.


Quality Cordeck metal deck products are available in a variety of depths, widths, and gauges to meet your requirements. Choose G60 or G90 galvanized decking, pre-primed, or a combination of both to achieve superior corrosion resistance. In addition to these standard finishes, our metal deck products can be shipped pre-finished with a durable Kynar 500® coating in your choice of color, or manufactured with stainless steel. Cordeck is also your single-source provider of a complete range of flashings, trim, and accessories to make getting started on your project even easier.

Whether you need just a few pieces quickly to complete a small job, or you’re constructing a new multi-story office building, Cordeck delivers precisely what you need – promptly, professionally, and always for a fair price. Explore our products and accessories below or request a quote nowIf you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us to communicate with a Cordeck DEXPERT®.   We look forward to serving all of your metal decking needs.    

Job shop capabilities: Cordeck’s state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing facilities allow for extremely accurate parts creation for even the most sophisticated part requirements. Our certified technicians are dedicated to consistent product quality, produced to your individual specifications, with short lead times and prompt delivery to all locations.

Metal roof deck

Four standard types: B deck, F deck, N deck, and A deck, in 1-1/2” to 3” depths and a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Installed directly over structural steel, corrugated steel roof deck serves as the structural substrate in roof construction and provides a solid work surface for the installation of insulation, weatherproofing, and roofing materials. It can be left exposed for open ceiling designs or manufactured with added acoustical perforations to help meet sound absorption needs.

From 0.6” to 3” depths in a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Cordeck Form Deck is ideal where a steel/concrete composite floor is not required, making it perfect for floors, stairways, and more. Cordeck’s four popular Form Deck products are suited for a wide variety of spanning and loading capabilities.

Three standard types in 1-1/2” to 3” depths in a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Composite floor deck is used most often in steel frame construction to create a steel/concrete composite floor. Cordeck’s product offering is designed to meet the span and load requirements of nearly any application.

Three standard types in 1-1/2” to 3” depths and a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Cellular composite floor deck is ideal for long spans and heavy loads, where a flat ceiling on the underside is desired.

Five standard types in 1-1/2” to 7-1/2” depths in a variety of panel widths, gauges, and finishes.

Cellular roof deck is traditional corrugated roof deck with flat sheet steel welded to the underside for increased spanning and loading capabilities while creating enclosed cellular raceways which are often utilized for cable distribution or housing sound absorption material. Cellular roof deck can be used in a variety of applications including mezzanines, canopies, sound attenuating ceiling systems in gymnasiums, auditoriums, or natatoriums, and more.

Cordeck is the single-source for all metal deck accessories needed to complete the job.

Cordeck metal deck accessories include closures, filler and finish strips, pour stops, hanger tabs, valley and deck plates, J-channels, rubber closures, sump pans, fasteners, mid-span screws, weld washers, and more.

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